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Donations / In Memorium - 2024

In Memory of St. Joseph Island Lions Club Members; Art Bodely – First President, Eddie Nelson, Mike Soucie, Mary Kay Stortini, Connie Rahn, Lionel Hubelit, Lloyd Willis, Joe Koprash, Bill Pollock, George Seymour, Harvey Pritchard, Dave Butters, Marg Botters, Del Vandette, Cedric Eddy, Ernie Eddy, Tom Barton, Louie Alcock, Ches Wallace, Pat reeves – First Female President, Dan Renaud, Mike Geall,John Meadows, John Taylor, Robert McKerlie, Al MacDonald, Paula Campbell, Roman Drzyzanowski

-The Lions Club

Graham and our many family members and friends.

-Norma Schell

Our beloved son, Marc Peterson who passed on November 29, 2021

-Warren, Dianne, Matthew, Allison and Eric Peterson

Bonnie Beaupre and Jane Roberts

-Carole Hunt-Ford

Ron Hawdon, Olive Hawdon, Helen Bouchard and Josephine (Jo) Eels

-Pauline Hawdon

Armas and Sirkka Luukkonen and Elgin Eddy and Donna Kent

-Myra Eddie

Loved Ones

-Jan Prodan and John Shannon

Harold and Coyla Brown, Sharon Brown, Doug Brown, Harvey and Mary Pritchard

-Debbie Pritchard

David Beith and Doug Thompson

-Nicole Beith and Kevin Thompson

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Richards Landing, ON

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