BridgeLink Minutes 12-2015

December 12, 2015 - In BridgeLink Minutes


Minutes of meeting December 14th, 2015, 7:00 p.m. – St. Joseph Township Municipal Office

In attendance: Barb Jackson, Mark Henderson, Albert Crowder, Ed Karhi, Lavera Crack
Regrets: Sheila Campbell, Allister Smith, Rod Fremlin, Ann Bell
Call to order: Albert Crowder, Chairperson
Approval of Agenda: Moved by Ed Karhi, 2nded by Barb Jackson, Carried
Conflict of Interest: none
Approval of Minutes from November 9th, 2015 meeting: Moved by Mark Henderson, 2nded by Barb Jackson, Carried
Business Arising: none
Treasurer’s Report: not available
Approval of Voucher: Moved by Lavera Crack, 2nded by Ed Karhi, Carried

• Building & Maintenance (Albert Crowder): TSSA Inspector, Chris Levesque, inspected the elevator November 13th, 2015 resulting in an order for repairs as follows: dry wall, alarm system, runway to be solid & smooth, key not to be left in elevator.
Declaration of Compliance: #5667584, to be completed by Feb. 11, 2016.
• Water Works (Ed Karhi): lots of redundant piping, asbestos wrapped pipes need to be removed, if left undisturbed not a hazard; Dan Lewis to be consulted.
Adjourned: Barb Jackson, 8:24 p.m.

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