MMHA Minutes 09-2019

September 9, 2019 - In MMHA Minutes


MEETING, September 9, 2019 Council Chambers, Township of St Joseph
PRESENT: Anita Niessen, Lavera Crack, Marlee Hopkins, Albert Crowder, Julie Gardiner, Wendy Robertson, Mark Henderson
REGRETS: Jason Garside, Ann Bell
Motion to accept the Agenda; moved-Marlee, 2nd, Julie, carried
Motion to Accept Minutes of last meeting; moved-Julie, 2nd-Anita, Carried
Correspondence: George Gunderson was to contact Anna regarding the overpayment of rent. Unsure if contact has been made, given that Anna was unable to attend.

Business Arising:
Concern regarding the steps to the hospital. Reconfiguring to include a ramp to the hospital from the Clinic is expensive, given the need for engineers and contractors. Mark suggested Kevin Karhi (cast concrete) who may be able to provide at a feasible cost. Franzisi’s ‘Dough for Dough’ campaign is very close to the goal of $1000.00. Julie-could go to repairs at the hospital. Lavera suggested the steps. Roeddes are only doing the gardens at the locum house, rather than all the yardwork as previously thought. MMHA still needs to handle the mowing of the yard.
Sewage update. Is working now. Extension cord replaced with proper
Recruiter meeting: Alyssa is coming to meet with the MMHA to discuss governance issues
and set goals. As we are losing both of our doctors within two years, recruitment must be our
top priority.
Still need the rental agreement for Drs Lupien and Beller at the locum house.
Year to date available, but Anna was not, so questions need to be answered at future meetings. (Julie asking about totals regarding the golf tournament). Five of eight municipalities have not contributed the monies committed to.
Move to accept the report as is-Julie, 2nd-Wendy, Carried
Move to pay the Vouchers-Julie, 2nd Mark, Carried
Discussion regarding payment of rent to Nigel Roedde. Direct deposit is difficult with his account; perhaps post dated cheques to his TD account would be preferable. Discuss with Anna when she is able to attend
Committee Reports
By-law Committee-in progress
Brochure to avoid confusion-have not been able to meet.
Donation plaques update-in progress
Adjourned 7:5
Next Meeting October 21, 2019

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